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According to classic economic theory, if global capital markets are fully integrated then arbitrage should force real interests rates to be equal among countries. However , a large body of empirical evidence suggests that this parity is not achieved. One potential factor in this failure of economic theory is that international capital transactions are not(More)
Ubiquitylation of histone H2B at lysine 120 (H2B-Ub), a post-translational modification first discovered in 1980, plays a critical role in diverse nuclear processes including the regulation of transcription and DNA damage repair. Herein, we use a suite of protein chemistry methods to explore how H2B-Ub stimulates hDot1L-mediated methylation of histone H3 on(More)
The role of price risk in sow farrowings is investigated by using bivariate ARCH-M and GARCH-M models and a nonparametric kernel estimator. To account for the relevant time horizon of irreversible supply decisions, predictions for mean price and conditional price variance are iterated forward. The empirical results vary markedly in terms of their(More)
This paper presents an effective way of combining two popular, yet distinct approaches used in the hedging literature – dynamic programming (DP) and time-series (GARCH) econometrics. Theoretically consistent yet realistic and tractable models are developed for traders interested in hedging a portfolio. Results from a bootstrapping experiment used to(More)
Foreign exchange hedging ratios are simultaneously estimated alongside freight and commodity ratios in a time-varying portfolio framework. Foreign exchange futures are found to be by far the most important derivative instrument to be employed in order to reduce uncertainty for traders. Our results lend support to the decision by LIFFE to cease trading the(More)
Market price dynamics for North American oriented strand board markets are examined. Specifically, the role of transactions costs are examined vis–` a–vis the law of one price. Weekly data for the January 3rd, 1995 through April 14th, 2006 period are used in the analysis. Nonlinearities induced by unobservable transactions costs are modelled by estimating(More)
This paper investigates non-linearity in spatial processes models and allows for a gradual regime-switching structure in the form of a smooth transition autoregressive process. Until now, applications of the smooth transition autoregressive (STAR) model have been largely confined to the time series context. The paper focuses on extending the non-linear(More)
This paper compares the finite sample performance of subsample bootstrap and subsample jackknife techniques to the traditional bootstrap method when parameters are constrained to be on some boundary. To assess how these three methods perform in an empirical application, a negative semi-definite translog cost function is estimated using U.S. manufacturing(More)
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