Matthew T Fellew

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We report the fabrication of what are believed to be the first microstructured optical fibers with uniformly oriented elliptical holes. A high degree of hole ellipticity is achieved with a simple technique that relies on hole deformation during fiber draw. Both form and stress-optic birefringence are characterized over a broad wavelength range. These(More)
Recent progress in microstructured polymer optical fibre fabrication and characterisation will be presented. A wide range of different optical functionalities can now be obtained by modifications of the microstructure, as is demonstrated by the fibres presented here. Microstructured fibres that are single-mode, highly birefringent or show twin-core coupling(More)
A short linear cavity erbium fiber laser is adapted to become a Q-switched laser by using a new and simple loss switching technique. The technique utilizes the inherent flexibility of optical fiber to rapidly drive the fiber end in and out of alignment with a cavity mirror, creating the conditions necessary for Q-switching. We investigate the effectiveness(More)
Progress on microstructured polymer optical fibres (MPOFs), a new class of polymer fibres that were developed last year, will be presented, including various single-mode MPOFs, highly birefringent MPOF, twin-core MPOF, nonlinear MPOF, graded-index MPOF and hollow core MPOF, the latter case being where light is guided in an air core.
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