Matthew Szymanski

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While many issues in the area of virtual reality (VR) research have been addressed in recent years, the constant leaps forward in technology continue to push the eld forward. VR research no longer is focused only on computer graphics, but instead has become even more interdisciplinary, combining the elds of networking, distributed computing, and even arti(More)
We are developing a networked, multi-user, virtual-reality-based collaborative environment coupled to one or more petaFLOPs computers, enabling the interactive simulation of 10 atom systems. The purpose of this work is to explore the requirements for this coupling. Through the design, development, and testing of such systems, we hope to gain knowledge that(More)
Agroforestry systems usually are examined for their biological components and somewhat for economic feasibility but rarely for their sociocultural merits. A relatively young agroforestry system was examined in view of sociocultural, biological, and economic factors through the use of decision matrices. Decision criteria were used to evaluate an agroforestry(More)
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