Matthew Sun

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Despite the relatively low-grade of most central neurocytomas (CN), evidence suggests the existence of an aggressive subset with a propensity for recurrence. Recent studies have found the MIB-1 labeling index to be a prognostic indicator in CN. Here we review our experience with CN to analyze the relationships between extent of resection, adjuvant therapy,(More)
Choroid plexus papillomas are rare neuroepithelial tumors found mainly in children. Although well studied in the pediatric population, there is a paucity of literature focusing specifically on adults. We sought to assess the relative advantage of gross total resection (GTR) and further characterize the natural history of this disease in adults. A(More)
Optic nerve sheath meningiomas (ONSM) are rare tumors of the meninges that surround the optic nerve as it enters the orbit. If left untreated, these benign tumors lead to progressive compression of the optic nerve and vascular compromise resulting in visual loss. Surgical resection of ONSM is associated with a high morbidity due to injury to the vascular(More)
Spatial structure of vegetation including plant height, vertical and horizontal heterogeneities, and biomass are important factors that influence the exchanges of matter and energy between the landscape and atmosphere, and the biodiversity of ecosystems. The NASA's DESDynI mission will provide global systematic lidar point-sampling data and areal coverage(More)
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