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Motion vectors are used in digital video compression for the purpose of reducing file size, primarily by providing an estimate of a frame of interest as a motion-offset version of a reference frame or frames. Despite the name, a motion vector is not in and of itself a trace of object motion, but rather an index to a similar image block. The computational(More)
Three hundred and fifty-two patients with alcoholic hepatitis were evaluated for protein-calorie malnutrition (PCM). In order to facilitate data analysis of nutritional status, a PCM score was calculated for each patient using eight nutritional parameters. The PCM score correlated significantly with mortality, clinical severity of the liver disease, and(More)
Serial echocardiographic (ECHO) studies were obtained on 40 pediatric patients (pts) treated with greater than or equal to 80 mg/kg cyclophosphamide (CPM) (range 80-200 mg/kg) in 1 week. Patients were treated for solid tumors and prior to marrow transplant. Echo changes occurred in 10/13 pts who received CPM greater than or equal to 170 mg/kg over four(More)
Within the expanding paradigm of medical imaging and wireless communications there is increasing demand for transmitting diagnostic medical imagery over error-prone wireless communication channels such as those encountered in cellular phone technology. Medical images must be compressed with minimal file size to minimize transmission time and robustly coded(More)
A 2 1/2-year-old male infant with severe combined immunodeficiency was documented by HLA typing and the presence of a female karyotype in the few spontaneously dividing cells to have an intrauterine-derived maternal lymphocyte graft. The presence of DR antigens on the engrafted maternal E rosette-forming T cells was demonstrated by both cytotoxicity and(More)
Two children with the juvenile form of osteopetrosis were treated with marrow transplants from their HLA identical siblings. Following transplantation each child exhibited extensive bone reabsorption with a marked augmentation of osteoclastic function attributable to donor osteoclasts, including remodeling of bone with expansion of intramedullary(More)
The choice of Quantization Table in a JPEG image has previously been shown to be an effective discriminator of digital image cameras by manufacturer and model series. When a photograph is recompressed for transmission or storage, however, the image undergoes a secondary stage of quantization. It is possible, however to identify primary quantization(More)