Matthew Silvan

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For the most part, physician-addict patients are affable, cooperative and tend to be bright, verbal and engaging. However, on a deeper level they experience significant internal obstacles to truly using treatment. The role of the healer adopted after years of training and work experience is not easily exchanged for the role of patient. Furthermore, the(More)
This paper describes the case of a battle veteran who suffered from a repetitive traumatic dream and symptoms of a traumatic stress disorder. Psychodynamic exploration revealed the basic wish-fulfilling aspects of both the dream and the fact of its repetition. The patient's obsessional preoccupation with his war experiences was also in significant part(More)
In the past three decades, neutrality has come under increasing criticism. The idea that a psychoanalyst can leave himself out of the therapeutic exchange has come to be seen as either an impossible dream or a myth. We propose that examining neutrality through the lens of curiosity allows for a new appreciation of the ongoing and vital importance of this(More)
"Now, when you do this procedure, sometimes you can get emotional release", the instructor says. I look up, surprised. I am standing in the back of a seminar room. Our instructor is showing us a new technique for getting release in the lower back. We are all gathered around the demonstration table watching carefully, some of us taking notes as he speaks. As(More)
Results of a day treatment program tailored to psychiatrically disturbed truant adolescents were compared to those of traditional outpatient treatment for effects on truancy, psychiatric symptoms, global improvement, and global functioning. Significantly greater reductions of truancy were found in the day treatment program, along with significantly greater(More)
This paper presents extensive clinical data illustrating the case of a middle-aged woman, who as a child participated in an extended sexual relationship with her elder brother. The patient suffered from an hysterical personality disorder with somatic distress and a compulsion to repeat disastrous social and work situations. In her treatment, the patient(More)
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