Matthew Sharifi

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Public electronic displays can be used as an advertising medium when space is a scarce resource, and it is desirable to expose many adverts to as wide an audience as possible. Although the efficiency of such advertising systems can be improved if the display is aware of the identity and interests of the audience, this knowledge is difficult to acquire when(More)
Speaker identification is one of the main tasks in speech processing. In addition to identification accuracy, large-scale applications of speaker identification give rise to another challenge: fast search in the database of speakers. In this paper, we propose a system based on i-vectors, a current approach for speaker identification, and locality sensitive(More)
In spite of all the efforts made by researchers to decrease car accidents in many countries, it is still challenging to design a system adaptive to the driver rather than the automotive characteristics. The implemented adaptive car safety system (ADCSS) observes the skills of the driver as well as the parameters of the vehicle and the locations of the car(More)
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