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Internal Multiple-Scattering Hole-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy: Improved Backscattering Fourier Transform Raman Sampling in Pharmaceutical Tablets Utilizing Cylindrical–Conical Holes
The benefits of Raman signal enhancement and improved measurement precision are demonstrated using 180° backscattering Fourier transform Raman (FT-Raman) spectroscopy from drilled cylindrical–conicalExpand
Transmission Fourier Transform Raman Spectroscopy of Pharmaceutical Tablet Cores
Transmission Fourier transform (FT) Raman spectroscopy of pharmaceutical tablet cores is demonstrated using traditional, unmodified commercial instrumentation. The benefits of improved precision overExpand
Monitoring microsphere coating processes using PAT tools in a bench scale fluid bed.
Among the factors that influence adherence to medication within the pediatric population, taste/irritation has been identified as a critical barrier to patient compliance. With the goal of improvingExpand
Building Process Understanding of Fluid Bed Taste Mask Coating of Microspheres
Taste is routinely cited as one of the major contributing factors that negatively influence pediatric patient compliance. A promising solution is coated microsphere systems, which provide doses ofExpand
Pediatric Formulation Development - Challenges of Today and Strategies for Tomorrow: Summary Report from M-CERSI Workshop 2019.
A workshop on "Pediatric Formulation Development: Challenges of Today and Strategies for Tomorrow" was organized jointly by the University of Maryland's Center of Excellence in Regulatory Science andExpand