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Approximate Dynamic Programming for Ambulance Redeployment
We present an approximate dynamic programming approach for making ambulance redeployment decisions in an emergency medical service system. Expand
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Eco-epidemiological factors contributing to the low risk of human exposure to ixodid tick-borne borreliae in southern California, USA.
Little is known about the eco-epidemiology of Lyme disease in southern California, a region where the incidence is much lower than it is in northern California. Here, we sought to discover theExpand
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Ambulance redeployment: An approximate dynamic programming approach
We formulate a simulation model of EMS operations to evaluate the performance of a given allocation policy and use this model in an approximate dynamic programming (ADP) context to compute high-quality redeployment policies. Expand
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A Bound on the Performance of an Optimal Ambulance Redeployment Policy
We construct a lower bound on this performance measure that holds for nearly any ambulance redeployment policy through comparison methods for queues. Expand
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Tuning approximate dynamic programming policies for ambulance redeployment via direct search
In this paper we consider approximate dynamic programming methods for ambulance redeployment. We first demonstrate through simple examples how typical value function fitting techniques, such asExpand
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Stingers and Burners
A stinger or burner is a common athletic injury characterized by the sudden onset of burning pain on the ipsilateral upper extremity following a traumatic event with transient paresthesias and/orExpand
Aligning Graduate Medical Education Improvement Projects With Merit Incentive-Based Payment System Requirements via Functional Outcome Measures.
The Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) is a requirement for all physicians for value-based reporting. Medicare has approved registries as a mechanism for MIPS reporting. Concurrently,Expand
Identifying effective policies in approximate dynamic programming: Beyond regression
We consider the case of a tunable approximation architecture used in lieu of computing true value functions. Expand
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