Matthew S. Taubman

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We report a heterodyne beat with a linewidth of 5.6+/-0.6 Hz between two cavity-stabilized quantum-cascade lasers operating at 8.5 microm . We also present a technique for measuring this beat that avoids the need for extreme isolation of the optical cavities from the environment, that of employing a third servo loop with low bandwidth to force one cavity to(More)
We present results demonstrating real-time sensing of four different fluorocarbons at low part-per billion (ppb) concentrations using an external cavity quantum cascade laser (ECQCL) designed for infrared vibrational spectroscopy of molecules with broad absorption features. The ECQCL was repeatedly swept at 20 Hz over its full tuning range of 1145-1265(More)
The performance of a rapidly swept external cavity quantum cascade laser (ECQCL) system combined with an open-path Herriott cell was evaluated for time-resolved measurements of chemical species with broad and narrow absorption spectra. A spectral window spanning 1278 - 1390 cm(-1) was acquired at a 200 Hz acquisition rate, corresponding to a tuning rate of(More)
The intrinsic frequency fluctuations of two single-mode quantum cascade (QC) distributed-feedback lasers operating continuously at a wavelength of 8.5 mum are reported. A Doppler-limited rovibrational resonance of nitrous oxide is used to transform the frequency noise into measurable intensity fluctuations. The QC lasers, along with recently improved(More)
A technique is presented for generating optical frequency combs centered at arbitrary wavelengths by use of cross-phase modulation (XPM) between a femtosecond pulse train and a cw laser beam by copropagating these signals through an optical fiber. We report results from use of this method to place a 90-MHz frequency comb on an iodine-stabilized Nd:YAG laser(More)
Frequency stabilization of mid-IR quantum cascade (QC) lasers to the kilohertz level has been accomplished by use of electronic servo techniques. With this active feedback, an 8.5-microm QC distributed-feedback laser is locked to the side of a rovibrational resonance of nitrous oxide (N(2) O) at 1176.61cm (-1) . A stabilized frequency-noise spectral density(More)
An external-cavity (EC) quantum cascade (QC) laser using optical feedback from a partial-reflector is reported. With this configuration, the otherwise multi-mode emission of a Fabry-Perot QC laser was made single-mode with optical output powers exceeding 40 mW. A mode-hop free tuning range of 2.46 cm(-1) was achieved by synchronously tuning the EC length(More)
Quantum cascade lasers (QCLs) are a relatively new type of semiconductor laser operating in the mid- to long-wave infrared. These monopolar multilayered quantum well structures can be fabricated to operate anywhere between 3.5 and 20 microm, which includes the molecular fingerprint region of the infrared. This makes them an ideal choice for infrared(More)