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This article reviews the therapeutic efficacy and complications of microwave ablation (MWA) in the treatment of primary and secondary liver malignancies. A PubMed search using keywords 'microwave', 'liver', 'malignancy', 'cancer' and 'tumour' was performed to identify articles related to MWA of liver malignancies published in English from 1975 to February(More)
Pancreatic surgery is still associated with a relatively high morbidity and mortality compared with other specialties. This is a result of the complex nature of the organ, the difficult access as a result of the retroperitoneal position and the number of technically challenging anastomoses required. Nevertheless, the past two decades have witnessed a steady(More)
INTRODUCTION Death from sepsis in the intensive care unit (ITU) is frequently preceded by the development of multiple organ failure as a result of uncontrolled inflammation. Treatment with ω-3 has been demonstrated to attenuate the effects of uncontrolled inflammation and may be clinically beneficial. METHOD A randomized control trial investigating the(More)
In vitro and pre-clinical studies have suggested that addition of the diet-derived agent curcumin may provide a suitable adjunct to enhance efficacy of chemotherapy in models of colorectal cancer. However, the majority of evidence for this currently derives from established cell lines. Here, we utilised patient-derived colorectal liver metastases (CRLM) to(More)
HYPOTHESIS The purpose of this study was to examine the validity of the clinical risk score (CRS), a prognostic tool developed by Fong et al, when translated to another center. DESIGN This study assesses 5 independent preoperative prognostic criteria, nodal status of the primary lesion, disease-free interval, number of hepatic metastases, size of the(More)
Omega-3 fatty acid (omega-3 FA) consumption has long been associated with a lower incidence of colon, breast and prostate cancers in many human populations. Human trials have demonstrated omega-3 FA to have profound anti-inflammatory effects in those with cancer. In vitro and small animal studies have yielded a strong body of evidence establishing omega-3(More)
RATIONALE, AIMS AND OBJECTIVES Chronic pancreatitis (CP) is a progressive inflammatory disorder with pain being the most frequent symptom. It is associated with loss of function, pancreatogenic diabetes and digestive enzyme deficiency. The impact of local complications and loss of pancreatic function results in unknown and unreported costs. This study(More)
BACKGROUND The indications for hepatectomy for colorectal or neuroendocrine metastases are becoming clear with increasing experience reported. For other primary diseases, however, the overall number of cases is relatively small, and it is more difficult to derive clear guidelines. This paper reviews the reported experience of hepatectomy for metastases from(More)
BACKGROUND For day case laparoscopic cholecystectomy programmes, studies suggest that overnight admission may be predicted by the following factors: gall bladder wall thickness, patient age over 55 years and previous sphincterotomy. This study investigated the effect of relaxing selection for a day surgery laparoscopic cholecystectomy programme, by removing(More)
OBJECTIVES The role of laparoscopy in staging periampullary malignancies is to detect small-volume metastatic disease not visible on preoperative imaging. Owing to improvements in preoperative imaging, some centers no longer undertake routine laparoscopic staging, whereas others still find it a useful pre-exploration tool. METHODS This study investigated(More)