Matthew S Fleisher

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This study investigates the incremental variance in job performance explained by assessment center (AC) dimensions over and above personality and cognitive ability. The authors extend previous research by using meta-analysis to examine the relationships between AC dimensions, personality, cognitive ability, and job performance. The results indicate that the(More)
1. The injection of a single large dose of normal horse serum into rabbits results in the appearance 3 to 8 days later of erythematous and edematous reactions on the ears in 68.9 per cent of the animals. 2. The injections may be given by any of several routes and reactions appear when the site of injection is definitely distant from the ears. 3. Injections(More)
1. It has not been possible to demonstrate in rabbits affected with serum sickness any constant temporal relationship between precipitin and precipitinogen in the blood on one hand and of occurrence of serum sickness on the other hand. 2. It has not been possible to demonstrate any differences between the precipitin and precipitinogen curves in injected(More)
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