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The Ca, Mg, O, and C isotopic and trace elemental compositions of marine limestones and dolostones from ODP Site 1196A, which range in depth ($58 to 627 mbsf) and in depositional age ($5 and 23 Ma), are presented. The objectives of the study are to explore the potential for non-traditional isotope systems to fingerprint diagenesis, to quantify the extent to(More)
The stable isotope compositions (C and N) of plants and animals of a marsh dominated by Spartina alterniflora in the Delaware Estuary were determined. The study focused on the juvenile stage of the Atlantic blue crab, Callinectes sapidus, and the importance of marsh-derived diets in supporting growth during this stage. Laboratory growth experiments and(More)
Keywords: Pliocene Pleistocene greenhouse forcing CO2 SSTs warm pool cold tongue alkenones foraminiferal Mg/Ca seawater Mg/Ca Recent reconstructions of Mg and Ca concentrations of seawater indicate that seawater Mg/Ca changed significantly over the last 5 million years (Ma). Tropical sea surface temperature (SST) records for the last 5 Ma based on(More)
Large, sulfur-cycling, calcite-precipitating bacteria in the genus Achromatium represent a significant proportion of bacterial communities near sediment-water interfaces at sites throughout the world. Our understanding of their potentially crucial roles in calcium, carbon, sulfur, nitrogen, and iron cycling is limited because they have not been cultured or(More)
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