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INTRODUCTION Stroke is a leading cause of disability in the United States (National Stroke Association, 1994). The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) estimates that 15,000 veterans are hospitalized for stroke each year (VA HSR&D, 1997). Forty percent of stroke patients are left with moderate functional(More)
Graphene oxide (GO) is a layered material comprised of hierarchical features which possess vastly differing characteristic dimensions. GO nanosheets represent the critical hierarchical structure which bridges the length-scale of monolayer and bulk material architectures. In this study, the strength and fracture behavior of GO nanosheets were examined. Under(More)
Introduction: The Phoenix mission [1] landed on Mars on 25 May 2008. Several instruments for atmospheric measurements have functioned throughout the mission and these have provided measurements of temperature [2], pressure [2], wind [3], humidity, optical depth, composition , and atmospheric imaging. A unique instrument on the Phoenix mission was a lidar(More)
Introduction: The Phoenix mission [1] obtained measurements from the surface of Mars through the midsummer peak in the abundance of atmospheric water vapor. During this period it was possible to observe the local processes that contribute to the water cycle. This included the measurements of near surface humidity [2], and temperature [3]. A unique(More)
Measurements of the temperature-dependent resistivity of high-mobility GaAs/GaAlAs heterojunctions are used to measure the effective mass of Composite Fermions (CF). The CF effective mass is found to increase approximately linearly with the effective field B * up to effective fields of 14 T. Data from all fractions around ν = 1/2 are unified by the single(More)
Introduction and background: When considering radar observations of airless bodies containing re-golith, the radar backscatter coefficient is dependent upon the complex dielectric permittivity of the regolith materials. In many current applications of imaging radar data, uncertainty in the dielectric permittivity precludes quantitative estimates of such(More)
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