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The anterior cingulate cortex (ACC) participates in both performance optimization and evaluation, with dissociable contributions from dorsal (dACC) and rostral (rACC) regions. Deactivation in rACC and other default-mode regions is important for performance optimization, whereas increased rACC and dACC activation contributes to performance evaluation. Errors(More)
Saccadic latencies are influenced by what occurred during the previous trial. When the previous trial is an antisaccade, the latencies of both prosaccades and antisaccades are prolonged. The aim of this study was to identify neural correlates of this intertrial effect of antisaccades. Specifically, based on both monkey electrophysiology and human(More)
Video game expertise has been shown to have beneficial effects for visual attention processes, but the effects of action video game playing on executive functions, such as task switching and filtering out distracting information, are less well understood. In the main experiment presented here, video game players (VGPs) and nonplayers (nVGPs) switched(More)
To perform a saccadic response to a visual stimulus, a 'sensorimotor transformation' is required (i.e., transforming stimulus location into a motor command). Where in the brain is this accomplished? While previous monkey neurophysiology and human fMRI studies examined either parietal cortex or frontal eye field, we studied both of these regions(More)
BACKGROUND Schizophrenia patients have difficulty mastering even rote procedural tasks in rehabilitation settings. Although most studies demonstrate intact procedural learning in schizophrenia, recent findings demonstrate that a critical component of procedural learning is dependent on sleep. This study tested the hypothesis that patients with schizophrenia(More)
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Action video game playing has been experimentally linked to a number of perceptual and cognitive improvements. These benefits are captured through a wide range of psychometric tasks and have led to the proposition that action video game experience may promote the ability to extract statistical evidence from sensory stimuli. Such an advantage could arise(More)
Humans have a remarkable capacity to learn and adapt, but surprisingly little research has demonstrated generalized learning in which new skills and strategies can be used flexibly across a range of tasks and contexts. In the present work we examined whether generalized learning could result from visual-motor training under stroboscopic visual conditions.(More)
Real-world visual searches often contain a variable and unknown number of targets. Such searches present difficult metacognitive challenges, as searchers must decide when to stop looking for additional targets, which results in high miss rates in multiple-target searches. In the study reported here, we quantified human strategies in multiple-target search(More)