Matthew S. Baran

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It is now the case that well-performing flash LIDAR focal plane array devices are commercially available. Such devices give us the ability to measure and record registered 3D point cloud sequences at video frame rates. For target detection and tracking applications this allows the processes of structure from motion or multi-view stereo reconstruction to be(More)
Counter Insurgency operations require the ability to develop accurate representations of the physical environment and the human landscape in various conditions (e.g., urban and non-urban, day and night, and various weather conditions). We are developing innovative sensor suites and processing techniques suitable for such domains as part of a larger effort(More)
This paper examines the performance of the local level set method on the surface reconstruction problem for unorganized point clouds in three dimensions. Many laser-ranging, stereo, and structured light devices produce three dimensional information in the form of unorganized point clouds. The point clouds are sampled from surfaces embedded in from the(More)
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