Matthew Rocklin

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Theano is a Python library that allows to define, optimize, and evaluate mathematical expressions involving multi-dimensional arrays efficiently. Since its introduction, it has been one of the most used CPU and GPU mathematical compilers - especially in the machine learning community - and has shown steady performance improvements. Theano is being actively(More)
SymPy is an open source computer algebra system written in pure Python. It 9 is built with a focus on extensibility and ease of use, through both interactive and programmatic 10 applications. These characteristics have led SymPy to become the standard symbolic library for 11 the scientific Python ecosystem. This paper presents the architecture of SymPy, a(More)
We present a computational framework for integrating a state-of-the-art numerical weather prediction (NWP) model in stochastic unit commitment/energy dispatch formulations that account for wind power uncertainty. We first enhance the NWP model with an ensemble-based uncertainty quantification strategy implemented in a distributed-memory parallel computing(More)
We study clustering on graphs with multiple edge types. Our main motivation is that similarities between objects can be measured in many different metrics. For instance similarity between two papers can be based on common authors, where they are published, keyword similarity, citations, etc. As such, graphs with multiple edges is a more accurate model to(More)
PURPOSE Evidence suggesting that genetic factors contribute to the development of common disorders can be obtained by demonstrating familial aggregation of the disease. This study investigated whether thoracic aortic dilations and dissections aggregate in families by comparing the prevalence of thoracic aortic aneurysms, thoracic aortic dissections, and(More)
The early detection and management of recurrence following curative resection for colorectal carcinoma can prolong survival. However, at the present time there is no consensus on the appropriate follow-up protocol for such patients. This investigation was undertaken to determine which tests and procedures are most useful in detecting recurrence and the(More)
The optimal laboratory evaluation for the early detection of liver metastases from colorectal cancer is controversial. This investigation was undertaken to compare the efficacy of liver function tests (LFTs) with that of carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) levels for the early detection of liver metastases. Patients who developed liver metastases after(More)
To our knowledge only 18 cases of ureteral herniation into the groin have been reported in the literature. We encountered a patient with crossed renal ectopia and ureteral incarceration into a right indirect inguinal hernia. Based on analysis of the presentation and management of our patient combined with a review of the literature we conclude that patients(More)