Matthew Robert

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Chlortetracycline and the macrolide tylosin were identified as commonly used antimicrobials for growth promotion and prophylaxis in swine production. Resistance to these antimicrobials was measured throughout the waste treatment processes at five swine farms by culture-based and molecular methods. Conventional farm samples had the highest levels of(More)
Tumor/abnormality segmentation from magnetic resonance imagery (MRI) can play a significant role in cancer research and clinical practice. Although accurate tumor segmentation by radiologists is ideal, it is extremely tedious. Experience shows that for MRI database indexing purposes approximate segmentations can be adequate. In this paper, we propose a(More)
In order to determine if dynamic positron emission tomography (PET) and N-13 ammonia can be used to quantitate regional RBF (rRBF) noninvasively, six anesthetized dogs were examined with PET imaging after an iv bolus administration of 5 mCi of N-13 ammonia. Renal time activity curves and the arterial input function were derived from regions of interest(More)
For colloid-polymer systems confined in one-dimensional channels, the diffusion of the colloidal particles is obtained by tracking individual particles using enhanced video microscopy and digital image analysis. For short times, the diffusion is normal, of the Fickian type, with mean-squared displacement varying linearly with time. For long times, however,(More)
The overall objective of this study was to examine the odor emission rate differences between deep pit and shallow pit swine finishing buildings, while also examining the influence of various practices and building characteristics controlled by management. Another objective was to evaluate the need for sampling at both the inlet and exhaust locations to(More)
The osmotic compressibility and correlation length of a colloid-polymer system, consisting of grafted silica particles in cyclohexane in the presence of the soluble polymer polydimethylsiloxane, are determined by turbidity measurements in the entire one-phase liquid region, with emphasis on the critical region. The renormalized critical exponents of the(More)
The interaction and pair correlation function of weakly charged colloidal particles in quasi-one-dimensional colloid-polymer systems are determined by enhanced video microscopy and digital image analysis. The pair correlation function is found to depend not only on the polymer concentration, but also on the degree of confinement; in particular, it depends(More)
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