Matthew Roach

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In this paper we propose an approach to high-level classification of video into genre: sport, cartoon, news, commercial and music. An important issue for automatic high-level classification systems is the amount of time needed to classify a video. Here we investigate classification performance as a function of the test sequence length. In addition we(More)
This paper reports on the verification of the video genre: sport, cartoon, news, commercial and music. Results for the two modes, acoustic and visual, and for combined modes show an average equal error rate (ERR) of 16%, 15% and 10%. respectively. These reflect verification accuracy and as such are believed to be the first of their kind; previously(More)
This paper reviews and analyses the problems facing video classification. It investigates how the semantic gap, the gap between formative measures and cognitive search queries, can be bridged. It presents a new taxonomy for video classification and concludes that narrowing the domain in a divideand-conquer manner is the current approach to bridging the(More)
This paper gives an insight into biometrics used for speaker recognition. Three different biometrics are presented, based on: acoustic, geometric lip, and holistic facial features. Experiments are carried out using a corpus of the DAVID audio-visual database. Recognition accuracy is found to be similar in the 2 domains. The geometric visual feature is based(More)
OBJECTIVES The objective of the project was to identify trends in emergency department visits and inpatient admissions for occupational injury and disease frequency and describe the financial impact from specific clinical groups known to have occupational risk factors. METHODS Workers compensation cases among 19 million records in the Arizona statewide(More)