Matthew Rice

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Resistance to high concentrations of bile salts in the human intestinal tract is vital for the survival of enteric bacteria such as Escherichia coli. Although the tripartite AcrAB-TolC efflux system plays a significant role in this resistance, it is purported that other efflux pumps must also be involved. We provide evidence from a comprehensive suite of(More)
Publications Lien's advisees indicated by: graduate (‡), undergraduates (†) students and interns () Special edition of [P65] featuring selected papers. Listed by CAGD as one of the most cited paper since 2007.
A standard use of triangulation in GIS is to model terrain surface using TIN. In many simulation models of physical phenomena, triangulation is often used to depict the entire spatial domain, which may include buildings, landmarks and other surface objects in addition to the terrain surface. Creating a seamless surface of complex building structures(More)
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