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Black Conquistadors: Armed Africans in Early Spanish America*
“I, Juan Garrido, black resident [de color negro vecino] of this city [Mexico], appear before Your Mercy and state that I am in need of making a probanza to the perpetuity of the king [a perpetuad
Seven Myths of the Spanish Conquest
Here is an intriguing exploration of the ways in which the history of the Spanish Conquest has been misread and passed down to become popular knowledge of these events. The book offers a fresh
The Maya World: Yucatec Culture and Society, 1550-1850
1. Introduction Part I. Identity and Organisation: 2. The Cah: identity 3. The Cah: entity 4. Names 5. Government 6. Politics: faction, office, and career Part II. Society and Culture: 7. Class 8.
Drought and Its Demographic Effects in the Maya Lowlands
Increasing evidence supports the role of climate change in the disintegration of regional polities in the Maya lowlands at the end of the Classic Period (750–1000 CE). However, the demographic
A History of the New Philology and the New Philology in History
L'A. soutient que, parmi d'autres, l'une des raisons qui expliquent la vitalite de l'ethnohistoire de l'Amerique centrale coloniale reside dans la dynamique collective (methodologique et
The Black Middle: Africans, Mayas, and Spaniards in Colonial Yucatan
Winner of the Conference on Latin American History's 2010 Mexican History Book Prize. The Black Middle is the first full-length study of black African slaves and other people of African descent in
Beyond black and red : African-native relations in colonial Latin America
Introduction -- Black Slaves, Red Paint Meanings of Military Service in the Spanish American Colonies Africans and Native Americans on the Spanish Florida Frontier Common Cause and Confrontation
Mesoamerican voices : native-language writings from Colonial Mexico, Oaxaca, Yucatan, and Guatemala
Part I: 1. Mesoamericans and Spaniards in the sixteenth century 2. Literacy in colonial Mesoamerica Part II: 3. Views of the conquest 4. Political life 5. Household and land 6. Society and gender 7.
Black Mexico: Race and Society from Colonial to Modern Times
The essays in this collection build upon a series of conversations and papers that resulted from 'New Directions in North American Scholarship on Afro-Mexico', a symposium conducted at Pennsylvania