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The high degree of similarity between the mouse and human genomes is demonstrated through analysis of the sequence of mouse chromosome 16 (Mmu 16), which was obtained as part of a whole-genome shotgun assembly of the mouse genome. The mouse genome is about 10% smaller than the human genome, owing to a lower repetitive DNA content. Comparison of the(More)
This paper reports on methods and results of an applied research project by a team consisting of SAIC and four universities to develop, integrate, and evaluate new approaches to detect the weak signals characteristic of insider threats on organizations' information systems. Our system combines structural and semantic information from a real corporate(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the relationship of frontal lobe lesions and neuropsychologic performance in school-aged children to determine whether damage to frontal regions results in specific cognitive sequelae. BACKGROUND The role of the frontal lobes in executive function remains incompletely understood, particularly in children. METHOD This(More)
Neurobehavioral dysfunction occurs in children with craniopharyngioma, both before and after treatment, and its impact on outcome may not be fully appreciated. Also unclear is whether neurobehavioral outcome relates more to tumor location or surgical factors. We reviewed the records of 20 children with craniopharyngioma who were seen between 1983 and 1995.(More)
A Collaboration of 2 ousing trends in Boston's Chinatown were explored in order to assess how changes in the housing market impact the community. This study found that housing affordability in Chinatown is a large and growing problem. Despite efforts to create 'affordable housing,' the median Chinatown household cannot afford most of the market-rate housing(More)
Sediment resuspension provides a potential mechanism for transferring Hg and MeHg from the sediment to filter feeding organisms and the pelagic food chain, and has been found to enhance Hg methylation. The study objective was to determine the effect of resuspension and clam density on Hg cycling and MeHg bioaccumulation into clams and zooplankton. Two,(More)
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