Matthew R. Wood

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The title compound, (1R,2R,3S,5S,8S)-3-hydr-oxy-8-methyl-8-azoniabicyclo-[3.2.1]octane-2-carboxylic acid chloride, C(9)H(16)NO(3) (+)·Cl(-), is both a metabolite and a precursor of the tropane alkaloid l-cocaine. The carboxyl group is not involved in dimerization, but instead donates a hydrogen bond to the chloride counter-ion, which participates in two(More)
Strongman training (ST) has become an increasingly popular modality, but data on physiological responses are limited. This study sought to determine physiological responses to an ST session compared to a traditional strength exercise training (RST) session. Ten healthy men (23.6 ± 27.5 years, 85.8 ± 10.3 kg) volunteered in a crossover design, where all(More)
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