Matthew R Utting

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Trochlear dysplasia is a developmental condition characterised by an abnormally flat or dome-shaped trochlea and is an important contributory factor to patellofemoral instability and recurrent dislocation. We studied prospectively a series of 54 consecutive patients (59 knees) with patellofemoral instability secondary to trochlear dysplasia, who were(More)
Adolescent anterior knee pain has traditionally been described as running a benign and self-limiting course. Studies more recently have questioned this supposition. This study aimed to assess how many patients who had undergone patellofemoral arthroplasty for isolated patellofemoral arthritis had previously suffered from adolescent anterior knee pain, knee(More)
BACKGROUND Failure of knee arthroplasty can lead to significant pain and functional disability. In a small number of patients with fracture, sepsis or massive bone loss they are considered for arthrodesis or above knee amputation. The purpose of this study was to investigate the results and complications of using customised hinged knee replacements in their(More)
We have reviewed 70 Harris-Galante uncemented acetabular components implanted as hybrid hip replacements with cemented stems between 1991 and 1995 in 53 patients whose mean age was 40 years (19 to 49). The mean follow-up was for 13.6 years (12 to 16) with no loss to follow-up. We assessed the patients both clinically and radiologically. The mean Oxford hip(More)
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