Matthew R. Risser

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In order to define further the mechanisms responsible for tooth amelogenin heterogeneity, seven bovine amelogenin cDNAs were sequenced. On the basis of these sequences, five of the cDNAs could be grouped into one class which differed appreciably in sequence from the second group of two cDNAs. Two overlapping bovine genomic clones were then isolated and(More)
Effective and usable closed-loop attention management systems are on the cusp of reality. The purpose of a closedloop attention management system is to monitor an operator’s attention via psychophysiological indicators, predict episodes of low vigilance and lapses of attention, and then modify the system interface to maintain optimal levels of performance.(More)
Vigilance tasks, from driving to surveillance to security remain important and frequent tasks for the US Army. Yet the difficulty users have sustaining vigilance is well known. Augmented cognition offers new methods for supporting sustained vigilance via a closed-loop attention management system (CLAM). A CLAM system monitors operators’ psychophysiology for(More)
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