Matthew R. Patrick

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The rate at which 266 boys and girls ages 5 to 7 years old were victimized by peers was observed on multiple occasions in kindergarten and first grade. Individual differences in victimization were observed at kindergarten entry and in growth over the subsequent 2 years. Victimization increased for some children but decreased for others. Growth in(More)
The conjoint influence of child impulsiveness-inattention (I/I) and peer relationships on growth trajectories of conduct problems was assessed in a community sample of 267 boys and girls. I/I reliably predicted teacher- and parent-reported conduct problems at kindergarten entry and growth in those problems over the next 2 years for boys and girls. The(More)
Interferometric synthetic aperture radar (InSAR) techniques are used to calculate the volume of extrusion at Okmok volcano, Alaska by constructing precise digital elevation models (DEMs) that represent volcano topography before and after the 1997 eruption. The posteruption DEM is generated using airborne topographic synthetic aperture radar (TOPSAR) data(More)
The relationship of parental warmth, communication, and tracking (WCT), and child conduct problems in early elementary school (age 5.5 years) to monitoring in late elementary school (age 9.5 years) was longitudinally examined in a sample of 267 boys and girls. WCT in kindergarten was associated with lower kindergarten levels and less growth of conduct(More)
Okmok Volcano, in the eastern Aleutian Islands, erupted in February and March of 1997 producing a 6-km-long lava flow and low-level ash plumes. This caldera is one of the most active in the Aleutian Arc, and is now the focus of international multidisciplinary studies. A synthesis of remotely sensed data (AirSAR, derived DEMs, Landsat MSS and ETM+ data,(More)
A study was designed to assess the effects of a standardized instructional videotape on reducing interobserver variability for several commonly used observer-dependent outcome measures. During a single day, six rheumatologists independently examined six patients with fibromyalgia (FM) in a predetermined order using a Latin square design, before and after(More)
[1] Satellite monitoring offers a powerful means to regularly characterize the mechanical and thermal states of active volcanoes. Satellite-measured surface inflation and radiant heat flux reflect the pressurization and discharge, respectively, of a magmatic system, suggesting that studying these parameters together may help in better understanding future(More)
A retrospective review was performed of all shoulder arthroplasties with patients grouped on the basis of transfusion protocol time period. Group 1 had transfusions if postoperative hematocrit was <30. Group 2 had transfusions based on symptomatic anemia. Bivariate analysis of transfusion factors and multivariate analysis of significant bivariate factors(More)
Continuously operating thermal cameras are becoming more common around the world for volcano monitoring, and offer distinct advantages over conventional visual webcams for observing volcanic activity. Thermal cameras can sometimes “see” through volcanic fume that obscures views to visual webcams and the naked eye, and often provide a much clearer view of(More)