Matthew R. Kirchner

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We describe a Ti:sapphire laser pumped directly with a pair of 1.2 W 445 nm laser diodes. With over 30 mW average power at 800 nm and a measured pulsewidth of 15 fs, Kerr-lens-modelocked pulses are available with dramatically decreased pump cost. We propose a simple model to explain the observed highly stable Kerr-lens modelocking in spite of the fact that(More)
We introduce a method to perform automatic thresholding of SIFT descriptors that improves matching performance by at least 15.9% on the Oxford image matching benchmark. The method uses a contrario methodology to determine a unique bin magnitude threshold. This is done by building a generative uniform background model for descriptors and determining when bin(More)
From the rural Global Atmosphere Watch (GAW) site Hohenpeissenberg in the pre-alpine area of southern Ger-many, a data set of 24 C 2 –C 8 non-methane hydrocarbons over a period of 7 years was analyzed. Receptor modeling was performed by positive matrix factorization (PMF) and the resulting factors were interpreted with respect to source profiles and(More)
PCDD/F and PCB concentrations in remote mountainous spruce stands of the Central European Alps show strong geographic variation. Independent of the matrix (0.5 year old needles, humus or mineral soil), the highest pollutant levels were always found at the lateral zones of the mountain range. High levels coincided with strong precipitation, particularly(More)
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