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Current models of executive function hold that the internal representations of stimuli used during reflective thought are maintained in the same posterior cortical regions initially activated during perception, and that activity in such regions is modulated by top-down signals originating in prefrontal cortex. In an event-related functional magnetic(More)
Executive functions include processes by which important information (e.g., words, objects, task goals, contextual information) generated via perception or thought can be foregrounded and thereby influence current and subsequent processing. One simple executive process that has the effect of foregrounding information is refreshing--thinking briefly of a(More)
Lower delay discounting (better self-control) is linked to higher intelligence, but the basis of this relation is uncertain. To investigate the potential role of working memory (WM) processes, we assessed delay discounting, intelligence (g), WM (span tasks, 3-back task), and WM-related neural activity (using functional magnetic resonance imaging) in 103(More)
This paper considers Rigel, a programmable accelerator architecture for a broad class of data- and task-parallel computation. Rigel comprises 1000+ hierarchically-organized cores that use a fine-grained, dynamically scheduled single-program, multiple-data (SPMD) execution model. Rigel's low-level programming interface adopts a single global address space(More)
Age constitutes a salient feature of a face and signals group membership. There is evidence of greater attention to and better memory for own-age than other-age faces. However, little is known about the neural and behavioral mechanisms underlying processing differences for own-age vs. other-age faces. Even less is known about the impact of emotion expressed(More)
Introduction Human cognition is a challenging area of inquiry. Ironically, the same intricacies of the mind that allow us to examine it also frustrate our progress; getting our thinking devices to understand their own mechanisms of operation sometimes feels like chasing one's shadow. The mind's flexibility requires many concepts to describe its many(More)
This functional magnetic resonance imaging study examined medial prefrontal cortex (mPFC) activity as young and older participants rated an unknown young and older person, and themselves, on personality characteristics. For both young and older participants, there was greater activation in ventral mPFC (anterior cingulate) when they made judgments about(More)
In this paper, we evaluate a set of coherence architectures in the context of a 1024-core chip multiprocessor (CMP) tailored to throughput-oriented parallel workloads. Based on our analysis, we develop and evaluate two techniques for scaling coherence to thousand-core CMPs. We find that a broadcast-based probe filtering scheme provides reasonable(More)
First-grade children engaged in seatwork behaviors under reinforcement schedules established according to the Premack Principle and the Response Deprivation Hypothesis. Across two experiments, schedules were presented to the children in a counter-balanced fashion which fulfilled the conditions of one, both, or neither of the hypotheses. Duration of on-task(More)