Matthew R. Hildebrandt

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Although RNA and RNA-binding proteins have been linked to double-strand breaks (DSBs), little is known regarding their roles in the cellular response to DSBs and, if any, in the repair process. Here, we provide direct evidence for the presence of RNA-DNA hybrids at DSBs and suggest that binding of RNA to DNA at DSBs may impact repair efficiency. Our data(More)
Mammalian DDX1 has been implicated in RNA trafficking, DNA double-strand break repair and RNA processing; however, little is known about its role during animal development. Here, we report phenotypes associated with a null Ddx1 (Ddx1(AX)) mutation generated in Drosophila melanogaster. Ddx1 null flies are viable but significantly smaller than control and(More)
DEAD box 1 (DDX1) is a member of the DEAD box family of RNA helicases which are involved in all aspects of RNA metabolism. DDX1 has been implicated in a variety of biological processes, including 3'-end processing of mRNA, DNA repair, microRNA processing, tRNA maturation and mRNA transport. To study the role of DDX1 during development, we have generated(More)
Human Rap1-interacting factor 1 (RIF1) is an important player in the repair of DNA double strand breaks (DSBs). RIF1 acts downstream of 53BP1, with well-documented roles in class switch recombination in B-cells and inhibition of end resection initiation in BRCA1-defective cells. Here, we report that DEAD Box 1 (DDX1), a RNA helicase also implicated in DSB(More)
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