Matthew R. Gevaert

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Background: The occurrence of multi-directional sliding motion between total knee replacement bearing surfaces is theorized to be a primary wear and failure mechanism of ultra-high molecular weight poly(ethylene) (UHMWPE). To better quantify the tribologic mechanisms of this cross-shear wear, the MAX-Shear wear-testing system was developed to evaluate(More)
Three trends are emerging in drivers’ expectations for their vehicle: (1) continuous connectivity with both the infrastructure (e.g., smart traffic intersections) and other commuters, (2) enhanced levels of productivity and entertainment for the duration of travel, and (3) reduction in cognitive load through semiautonomous operation and automated(More)
Background Immunotherapy has recently shown promising clinical activity in multiple tumor types but standard in vitro immuno-oncology models for preclinical and clinical predictivity are lacking. Macrophages have been shown to have both tumor promoting and tumor preventing properties dependent upon their differentiation state with M2 macrophages thought to(More)
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