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We performed a double-blind, randomized, prospective study to determine the local anesthetic that provided the best analgesia for insertion of an 18-gauge intravenous (i.v.) catheter and to determine whether alkalinization of lidocaine decreases the pain of intradermal injection. There were 280 healthy adult patients assigned randomly to seven different(More)
Atomically thin boron nitride (BN) nanosheets are important two-dimensional nanomaterials with many unique properties distinct from those of graphene, but investigation into their mechanical properties remains incomplete. Here we report that high-quality single-crystalline mono- and few-layer BN nanosheets are one of the strongest electrically insulating(More)
were introduced into the solid solution matrix, the segregation of Gd or Zn atoms, or both, into the strained sites led to reduced elastic strain energies associated with Gd or Zn atoms and twin boundaries. The DFT computations and continuum estimates both indicated that the ordered segregation of solute atoms in twin boundaries was driven by the(More)
This paper systematically examines the thermomechanical properties and phase transformation behaviour of slightly Ni-rich Ni-Ti biomedical shape memory wires containing homogeneously distributed nanoscale precipitates induced by stress-assisted ageing. In contrast to previous studies, particular attention is paid to the role of precipitates in impeding twin(More)
The Research Bulletin of the American Foundation for the Blind is intended to be a means of publication for some scientific papers which, for a variety of reasons, may not reach the members of the research community to whom they may prove most useful or helpful. Among these capers one may include theses and dissertations of students, reports from research(More)
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