Matthew Peach

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CONTEXT Antiangiogenic therapies have shown potential in the treatment of advanced thyroid cancer, but it is uncertain which patients are most likely to benefit from therapy. OBJECTIVE This prespecified exploratory analysis investigated whether baseline levels and/or changes in circulating biomarkers could predict tumor response and/or progression-free(More)
To assess whether myocardial ischaemia is more common in diabetic patients with neuropathy, 24-hour ambulatory monitoring of the ST segment was performed on 27 diabetic men without peripheral neuropathy and in 28 with neuropathy. The patients were matched for age 54 +/- 7 years (mean +/- SD) versus 54 +/- 7 years and for duration of diabetes (16 +/- 9 years(More)
BACKGROUND Dulanermin (rhApo2L/TRAIL) induces apoptosis by binding to death receptors DR4 and DR5, leading to caspase activation and subsequent cell death. A Phase1a trial evaluated the safety and tolerability of dulanermin in patients with advanced tumours. One aim was to develop and validate pharmacodynamic biomarkers to monitor dulanermin activity in(More)
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