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The CDF detector simulation framework is integrated into an AC++ application used to process events in the CDF experiment. The simulation framework is based on the GEANT3 package. It holds the detector element geometry descriptions, allows configuration of digitizers at run-time and manages the generated data. The design is based on generic programming(More)
The Publish and Subscribe (pub/sub) dissemination paradigm has emerged as a popular means of disseminating time-sensitive or filtered information, usually in the form of middleware within the enterprise systems of Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA). Through the use of an event service, or broker, published information is disseminated only to the(More)
Technologies of biometric template protection grant a significant improvement in data privacy and increase the likelihood that the general public will effectively consent in the biometric system usage. Focusing on speaker recognition this area of research is still in its infancy. Previously proposed voice biometric template protection schemes fail in(More)
Successfully modeling state and analytics-based semantic relationships of documents enhances thoroughness of representation, contextualization of importance and relevancy, posterity of provenance, and a delineation of priority for a document. These attributes are the core elements that form the machine-based knowledge representation for documents. However,(More)
Successfully managing analytics-based semantic relationships and their provenance enables determinations of document importance and priority, furthering capabilities for machine-based relevancy scoring operations. Semantic technologies are well suited for modeling explicit and fully qualified relationships but struggle with modeling relationships that are(More)
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