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Packaging of power semiconductor modules is facing huge challenges from automotive customers in terms of performance, temperature, reliability, weight, volume and cost etc. It is believed that choice of the power module structure, material and assembly technology are key factors for mitigating the challenges. Among them, the cooling structure and of the(More)
High power Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) modules have been utilised in power electronics industrial applications, such as electrical vehicle, traction, renewable energy, et al. The power module with higher power density, higher voltage and current rating, higher switching frequency, higher operation temperature and much lower/higher storage(More)
A new type of novel high voltage IGBT module package with a 140mm×100mm footprint half-bridge has been developed. The module aims to provide the market a new type of high power density, high reliability standardised package. The module is scalable and suitable for multi-module parallel connection without degradation, is a low inductance design for(More)
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