Matthew P. Wand

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To benefit from this book, a reader would need a solid background in statistical theory and distributions, as well a good handle on the mathematics. Although not required, it would also be helpful for the reader to have previous experience with classical regression and familiarity with S (or R) software to be able to use the S objects given at the end of(More)
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BACKGROUND Psychologic stress modifies immune function and cytokine production. OBJECTIVE We examined relationships between caregiver stress on the following markers of early childhood immune response: (1) IgE expression (n=215); (2) mitogen-induced and allergen-specific (Dermatophagoides farinae [Der f 1] and cockroach [Bla g 2]) proliferative response(More)
African trypanosomes show monoallelic expression of one of about 20 telomeric variant surface glycoprotein (VSG) gene-expression sites (ESs) while multiplying in the mammalian bloodstream. We screened for genes involved in ES silencing using flow cytometry and RNA interference (RNAi). We show that a novel member of the ISWI family of SWI2/SNF2-related(More)
Multivariate kernel density estimation provides information about structure in data. Feature significance is a technique for deciding whether features – such as local extrema – are statistically significant. This paper proposes a framework for feature significance in d-dimensional data which combines kernel density derivative estimators and hypothesis tests(More)
Maps depicting cancer incidence rates have become useful tools in public health research, giving valuable information about the spatial variation in rates of disease. Typically, these maps are generated using count data aggregated over areas such as counties or census blocks. However, with the proliferation of geographic information systems and related(More)
High-throughput flow cytometry experiments produce hundreds of large multivariate samples of cellular characteristics. These samples require specialized processing to obtain clinically meaningful measurements. A major component of this processing is a form of cell subsetting known as gating. Manual gating is time-consuming and subjective. Good automatic and(More)
The unicellular eukaryote Trypanosoma brucei is unusual in having very little transcriptional control. The bulk of the T. brucei genome is constitutively transcribed by RNA polymerase II (Pol II) as extensive polycistronic transcription units. Exceptions to this rule include several RNA Pol I transcription units such as the VSG expression sites (ESs), which(More)