Matthew P Snipes

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Few studies were performed to investigate the molecular recognition capabilities of hybridized aptamers. This study is aimed at applying both theoretical algorithms and experimental assays to examine the effects of hybridization length and region on the secondary structures and binding functionality of hybridized aptamers. The experimental results were(More)
Biomaterials for the precise control of protein release are important to the development of new strategies for treating human diseases. This study aimed to fundamentally understand aptamer--protein dissociation triggered by complementary oligonucleotides, and to apply this understanding to develop affinity hydrogels for controlled protein release. The(More)
This study was aimed at exploring a novel pretargeting system based upon bifunctional nucleic acid molecules that are comprised of a nucleic acid aptamer and a nucleic acid tail. The properties of bifunctional molecules were investigated by both theoretical prediction and experimental determination. Different from the algorithm-based structure prediction,(More)
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