Matthew P. Peterson

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Maps are tools used by almost everyone in society for a variety of applications. However, when maps are used with computers they are almost always used with small, low pixel count displays, such as desktop monitors. We performed two experiments involving map usage with various tiled display configurations (one monitor, four monitors, and nine monitors). The(More)
Using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), we investigated the neural substrates for computing time intervals. Five right-handed males were asked to judge if a digit probe belonged to a string of digits presented immediately before but to provide their response only after 1.5s had elapsed. This time estimation condition, compared with control(More)
Neurons in the brains of newborns are usually connected with many other neurons through weak synapses. This early pattern of connectivity is refined through pruning of many immature connections and strengthening of the remaining ones. NMDA receptors (NMDARs) are essential for the development of excitatory synapses, but their role in synaptic refinement is(More)
Hop is an economically important crop for the Pacific Northwest USA as well as other regions of the world. It is a perennial crop with rhizomatous or clonal propagation system for varietal distribution. A big concern for growers as well as brewers is variety purity and questions are regularly posed to public agencies concerning the availability of genotype(More)
The goal of the present paper is to investigate approximation and smoothness properties of Larsen type single input single output (SISO) fuzzy systems, that is, fuzzy logic systems using the maximum as aggregation for the individual rule outputs, product (Goguen) t-norm as the conjunctive operator and center of gravity defuzzification. We prove that the(More)
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