Matthew P James

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We consider the dynamics of a one-dimensional continuum of synaptically interacting integrate-and-fire neurons with realistic forms of axodendritic interaction. The speed and stability of traveling waves are investigated as a function of discrete communication delays, distributed synaptic delays, and axodendritic delays arising from the spatially extended(More)
A new hydroxymethyl terminated pyrimidine-hydrazone (pym-hyz) ligand (L1) was synthesized with a central hyz-pyridine-hyz (hyz-py-hyz) motif replacing the usual hyz-pym-hyz unit, to create a molecular strand that underwent metal-induced isomerization with a minimal net change in ligand length. NMR spectroscopy showed that L1 had a horseshoe shape due to the(More)
An enzyme immunoassay, using finely ground rabbit glomerular basement membrane (GBM) as an antigen, was able to detect sheep anti-rabbit GBM antibodies at serum dilutions of 1:32 000. The particulate GBM bound firmly to plastic micro ELISA plates without the aid of a linking agent, and the antigen-coated plates remained stable for several months when stored(More)
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