Matthew P. J. Webster

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In this paper we describe a verification system for multi-agent programs. This is the first comprehensive approach to the verification of programs developed using programming languages based on the BDI (belief-desire-intention) model of agency. In particular, we have developed a specific layer of abstraction, sitting between the underlying verification(More)
UvrB has a central role in the highly conserved UvrABC pathway functioning not only as a damage recognition element but also as an essential component of the lesion tracking machinery. While it has been recently confirmed that the tracking assembly comprises a UvrA2B2 heterotetramer, the configurations of the damage engagement and UvrB-DNA handover(More)
A catalytic, enantioselective, Lewis base-catalyzed α-sulfenylation of silyl enol ethers has been developed. To avoid acidic hydrolysis of the silyl enol ether substrates, a sulfenylating agent that did not require additional Brønsted acid activation, namely N-phenylthiosaccharin, was developed. Three classes of Lewis bases-tertiary amines, sulfides, and(More)
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