Matthew P. Hottell

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Wireless routers are appearing in increasing numbers in homes. Many of these routers are left in a default, wide-open configuration, while even more of these routers can be considered unsecured. What are the factors that contribute to the general state of insecurity in home-based wireless networks? We examine the following factors: education, income, and(More)
Informatics is the study of the application of information technology. The focus of studies within an Informatics program is on particular problem domain areas, including scientific domains like biology or chemistry, but also non-scientific domains like music, fine arts, or business. In this paper we describe our experience with the development of a(More)
One view of software engineering project management is that it is the portion of a project that is involved with managing tasks, resources, assignments and deadlines. Certainly, many of the daily activities for a software project manager might be categorized in such a way; however, these activities merely serve as surrogates for the principal responsibility(More)
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