Matthew P Dematteo

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The rate coefficients for reactions of hydroxyl radical with aromatic hydrocarbons were measured in acetonitrile using a novel laser flash photolysis method. Comparison of kinetic data obtained in acetonitrile with those obtained in aqueous solution demonstrates an unexpected solvent effect on the reactivity of hydroxyl radical. In particular, reactions of(More)
We report the synthesis of methyl alpha-D-glycero-D-idoseptanoside (1) and methyl beta-D-glycero-D-guloseptanoside (2) and the characterization of their preferred solution conformations by computational chemistry and (1)H NMR (3)J(H,H) coupling constant analysis. Central to the synthetic approach was the epoxidation of glucose-derived oxepine 3 using DMDO.(More)
The synthesis and conformational properties of folded dendrons based on a 2-methoxyisophthalamide (2-OMe-IPA) repeat unit are described. The hydrodynamic properties of dendrons preorganized via the syn-syn conformational preference of 2-methoxyisophthalamide are compared with 2,6-pyridinedicarboxamide (2,6-pydic) analogues. The effect of subtle differences(More)
Methyl 5-O-methyl-alpha-d-glycero-d-idoseptanoside (3) and methyl 5-O-methyl-beta-d-glycero-d-guloseptanoside (4) were investigated as (1-->5)-linked di-/oligoseptanoside mimetics. Here we report the synthesis of 3 and 4 and describe their preferred solution conformations through a combination of ab initio/DFT calculations and (1)H (3)J(H,H) NMR coupling(More)
In an effort to gain further insight into the oxidation of the phenyl radical, this contribution details the first of three experiments designed to establish the heat of formation of the 2-oxepinoxy radical. We report here the synthesis of the previously unknown 2(7H)-oxepinone (12a) and 2(3H)-oxepinone (12b). We have determined the gas-phase acidity(More)
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