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We present performance results and an analysis of an MPI/OpenACC implementation of an electromagnetic solver based on a spectral-element discontinuous Galerkin discretization of the time-dependent Maxwell equations. The OpenACC implementation covers all solution routines, including a highly tuned element-by-element operator evaluation and a GPUDirect(More)
We model the quantum dynamics of two, three, or four quantum dots in proximity to a plasmonic system such as a metal nanoparticle or an array of metal nanoparticles. For all systems, an initial state with only one quantum dot in its excited state evolves spontaneously into a state with entanglement between all pairs of QDs. The entanglement arises from the(More)
A system of two or more quantum dots interacting with a dissipative plasmonic nanostructure is investigated in detail by using a cavity quantum electrodynamics approach with a model Hamil-tonian. We focus on determining and understanding system configurations that generate multiple bipartite quantum entanglements between the occupation states of the quantum(More)
We present a hybrid GPU implementation and performance analysis of Nekbone, which represents one of the core kernels of the incompressible Navier–Stokes solver Nek5000. The implementation is based on OpenACC and CUDA Fortran for local parallelization of the compute-intensive matrix–matrix multiplication part, which significantly minimizes the modification(More)
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