Matthew Olsson

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Spherical flotation units of 99.9% Al/sub 2/O/sub 3/ ceramic have been successfully produced by Deepsea Power & Light for application to 11 km ROV/AUV systems. The 3.6-inch (91.45 mm) OD seamless hollow spheres with 034 weight/displacement ratio have routinely withstood proof testing to 30,000 psi (207 MPa), 1000 hour sustained pressurization to 25,000 psi,(More)
By utilizing the vapor pressure difference between high-salinity and lowsalinity wvater, one can obtain power from the gradients of salinity. This scheme eliminates the major problems associated with conversion methods in which membranes are used. The method we tested gave higher conversion efficiencies than membrane methods. Furthermore, hardware and(More)
This paper reports on the modeling and fabrication of a truly three-dimensional high-quality-factor toroidal inductor using polymer replication processes. The critical dimensions are in the micrometer range, and the applied manufacturing method is based on polymer replication. Electrical measurements show that the inductor with an inductance of 6.0 nH(More)
Understanding 3-pass trays is the key to design of 6-pass trays, such as those in the large towers expected in carbon-capture services. This paper presents a hydraulic distribution model for 3-pass trays with no liquid or vapor equalization. The model is verified by comparison with FRI’s test data and with one operating tower. Our paper predicts good(More)
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