Matthew O. Adigun

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The tourism product has an intangible nature in that customers cannot physically evaluate the services on offer until practically experienced. This makes having access to credible and authentic information about tourism products before the actual experience very valuable. An Ontology being a formal, explicit specification of concepts of a domain provides a(More)
This paper introduces a novel approach to large scale content management based on the synergy and mashup of the Semantic Web and collaborative tagging technologies. We propose a generic conceptual architecture for community oriented semantic tagging and discusses the functionality and interplay of its key components. The approach has been applied to a real(More)
Small, Medium, and Micro enterprises (SMMEs) usually do not have adequate funds to acquire ICT infrastructure and often use cloud computing. In this paper, the authors discuss the implementation of virtual enterprises (VE) to enable SMMEs to respond quickly to customers’ demands and market opportunities. The virtual enterprise model is based on the ability(More)