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What we need to prepare teachers for the moral nature of their work
There is a strong consensus in the educational literature that teaching is an inherently moral endeavour, and that the moral work of teachers is of central importance to education. However,
The Moral Nature of Teacher Candidate Beliefs About the Purposes of Schooling and Their Reasons for Choosing Teaching as a Career
This study reports teacher candidate beliefs about the purposes of schooling and their reasons for choosing a career in teaching. The beliefs are analyzed in relation to the moral work of teaching,
Making sense of approaches to moral education
This paper presents a metatheoretical analysis of ‘approaches’ to moral education and how we make sense of them. Such approaches are commonly analyzed with simple, binary category schemes, for
The Schizophrenia of Contemporary Education and the Moral Work of Teaching
Stocker’s classic and provocatively titled essay “The Schizophrenia of Modern Ethical Theory” (1976/1997) takes to task a certain type of philosophical work. Modern ethical theories, as Stocker puts
The Moral Vacuum in Teacher Education Research and Practice
This chapter examines the gap between the widespread acknowledgment that teaching is a moral endeavor, on the one hand, and the lack of explicit, systematic teacher education research and practice to