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Automated methods for identifying whether sentences are grammatical have various potential applications (e.g., machine translation, automated essay scoring, computer-assisted language learning). In this work, we construct a statistical model of grammaticality using various linguistic features (e.g., misspelling counts, parser outputs, n-gram language model(More)
Can natural language processing be used to predict the likelihood that a musician will commit or has committed suicide? In order to explore this idea, we built a corpus of songs that includes a development set, a training set, and a test set, all consisting of different lyricists. Various vocabulary and syntactic features were then calculated in order to(More)
Body language plays an important role in learning processes and communication. For example, communication research produced evidence that mathematical knowledge can be embodied in gestures made by teachers and students. Likewise, body postures and gestures are also utilized by speakers in oral presentations to convey ideas and important messages.(More)
We present, to our knowledge, the first experiments on using NLP to measure the extent to which a writing sample expresses the writer's utility value from studying a STEM subject. Studies in social psychology have shown that a writing intervention where a STEM student is asked to reflect on the value of the STEM subject in their personal and social life is(More)
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