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1. A method for the isolation of a new enzyme, myosin light-chain phosphatase, from rabbit white skeletal muscle by using a Sepharose-phosphorylated myosin light-chain affinity column is described. 2. The enzyme migrated as a single component on electrophoresis in sodium dodecyl sulphate/polyacrylamide gel at pH7.0, with apparent mol.wt. 70000. 3. The(More)
To investigate the role of innervation in muscle cell differentiation, the expression pattern of troponin I and troponin T isoforms was investigated in aneural in vivo and in vitro myotubes using immunoblotting and Northern blot hybridisation procedures. The immunoblotting procedure showed that slow troponin I was expressed at high levels in cell cultures(More)
PURPOSE Adjuvant therapy, either preoperatively or postoperatively, and modifications of surgery have been used to try to improve outcome of surgery for rectal cancer in regard to both local recurrence and survival. Assessment of prognosis in patients after resection is currently primarily based on clinicopathologic factors. These predict the subsequent(More)
The conventional approach to localization of impalpable breast lesions, i.e. employing a hooked wire with either stereotaxis or a perforated plate, has potential disadvantages for the operating surgeon. Often the entry point of the wire lies some distance from the site of projection of the lesion on the skin. The guide-wire should pierce the skin at, or(More)