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The Beginning Psychotherapist and Borderline Personality Disorder: Basic Treatment Principles and Clinical Foci.
  • Matthew Merced
  • Medicine, Psychology
  • American journal of psychotherapy
  • 2015
Borderline personality disorder is a prevalent psychopathology; thus, most graduate students in psychology, residents in psychiatry, and early career clinicians will encounter patients with thisExpand
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Teaching the History of Psychology: A Content Analysis of Course Syllabi from Doctor of Psychology Programs
Psychology graduate students in the United States are expected to demonstrate competency in the history of psychology. Despite the topic’s importance, there are limited guidelines. The present studyExpand
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The Uncanny: A Biopsychosocial Perspective.
  • Matthew Merced
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • American journal of psychotherapy
  • 15 May 2018
A biopsychosocial model provides a framework for a contemporary understanding of paranormal phenomena. From this perspective, paranormal beliefs and experiences are best understood by identifyingExpand
How Narcissistic Injury May Contribute to Reactive Violence: A Case Example Using Stanley Kubrick's The Shining
To many observers, reactive violence can present as a puzzling phenomenon. Offenders often report experiencing cognitive distortions during the event. Offenders may have no history of violence, yetExpand
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A Developmental Lag in the Evolution of Doctor of Psychology Programs
In 1973, the American Psychological Association (APA) sponsored the Conference on Levels and Patterns of Training. Conference members concluded that the education and training for the practice ofExpand
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Professional Closure: An Example from American Clinical Psychology
Objective: Study the American clinical psychology landscape to discern scientist-practitioner and practitioner-scholar involvement in professional activities, specifically the organizational andExpand
Noticing Indicators of Emerging Change in the Psychotherapy of a Borderline Patient
Clinicians are encouraged to collect feedback from patients through ongoing, patient-report questionnaires to monitor treatment response and assess change. These instruments rely on a patient’sExpand