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(De)colonizing Early Modern Occult Philosophy
The quest to marry Plato and Aristotle defined Western intellectual history in the medieval and early modern periods; and it was only theoretically and historically achieved by means of Arabic astralExpand
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Astrology, Lettrism, Geomancy
In the Persianate world, the formative fourteenth to sixteenth centuries witnessed an occultist arms race, as it were, for messianic and sacral forms of political legitimacy, which reached aExpand
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Is (Islamic) Occult Science Science?
ABSTRACT More than any other object of historical and anthropological study, Islamicate occult science cuts to the quick of what it means to be modern, to be Western, to be scientific. Yet nowhereExpand
Taḥqīq vs. Taqlīd in the Renaissances of Western Early Modernity
This essay reviews a major new study of European Renaissance Arabist-humanist philology as it was actually practiced, humanist neoclassicizing anti-Arabism notwithstanding. While definitive andExpand
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