Matthew McGovern

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BACKGROUND In April 2004, an incentive based contract was introduced to UK primary care. An important element of the new contract is the ability to exclude individuals from quality indicators for a variety of reasons (known as 'exception reporting'). Exception of patients with stroke or TIA from the recording and achievement of quality indicators may have(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Immune therapy against amyloid-β appears to be a promising target in Alzheimer disease. However, a dose-related risk for ARIA on FLAIR images thought to represent parenchymal vasogenic edema or sulcal effusion (termed "ARIA-E"), has been observed in clinical trials. To assess the intensity of ARIA-E presentation, an MR imaging scale(More)
Various ventilatory and metabolic parameters were monitored in 12 subjects while they performed each of three tasks: Voluntary cardiac acceleration with the aid of continuous heart rate feedback; a static hand-grip exercise at 1/3 maximum voluntary contraction; and a combined task involving both voluntary acceleration and exercise. Task order was(More)
A blind 19 yr old severely retarded man was referred for behavior therapy because of violent and disruptive tantrums. Previous behavioral strategies had failed for various reasons. A very mild, brief, vestibular oriented physical procedure was designed to provide a low level disruptive effect. Intervention consisted of loud teacher demands to stop and work(More)
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